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Creative and Expressive Education

  • Intellectual education
Creative and Expressive Education

Solo Boadilla reflects on Agora Madrid International School’s curriculum and our focus on creativity

Solo Boadilla magazine has published an article on the educational revolution that has been embraced by Agora Madrid International School, alongside an innovative group of top international schools worldwide. The school is committed to positioning creative and expressive arts at the heart of our curriculum, offering our students a broad range of opportunities to explore and develop their intelligences via musical, creative and performing arts. Creative expression allows our pupils to engage with their learning in original and enterprising ways and provides a wealth of cognitive benefits. Recent neuroscientific research has shown that an artistic education enhances skills in areas such as mathematics and linguistic development, and this trend is affirmed by the excellent overall results achieved by our students.

The article also refers to the importance of using new technologies to support and enhance learning. The philosophy at Agora International School Madrid is that our pupils need to be in control of the technology that they use, and not the other way around, and so our students get the opportunity to work with and explore disciplines such as robotics, coding and virtual reality. We also encourage our students to learn how to express their opinions and to determine their own points of reference, helping them to take control of their learning and cultivate intellectual maturity. This approach spills over into our communal areas and learning spaces, which provide the perfect vehicle for our students to display their work.

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